Ernst Gassner

To keep the memory of our co-founder and his work alive, the Fraunhofer Institute for Structural Durability and System Reliability LBF will again present the Ernst Gassner Award in 2020.

Award Winner

The Ernst Gassner Prize is endowed with 5,000 EUR and comprises a certificate and a financial award.


Award winner 2020

We congratulate Dr. Yung-Li Lee and Bruno Seufert.


Proposed Candidates:

  • are experts in structural durability
  • are employed in industry and hold responsibility for product approval processes
  • have outstanding scientific / technical achievements in the field of lightweight design and material fatigue under variable amplitude loading 

Proposals and evaluation


Anke Zeidler-Finsel

Fraunhofer LBF, Public Relations



The international Jury

An international jury will make the final decision regarding the recipient of the award, who will be announced in press releases of Fraunhofer LBF and scientific journals.