Annual report 2020

Dear customers and partners of Fraunhofer LBF!

2020 was an incredibly strenuous year for us all. Many people faced major challenges in their professional and private lives. This revealed the deep interactions and interdependencies that shape the modern world in which we live, in a truly profound way. At the same time, it underscored the importance of a change of perspective and course in the context of resilience, sustainability and climate protection, as well as mobility and digitization, and clearly emphasized the significance of our common task and responsibility. However, alongside all the difficulties and challenges, exciting opportunities are being revealed.

I have been impressed by the ideas for change and options, both large and small, that have emerged in a short time, how thoughtfully and responsibly people have worked together, and the committed and pragmatic way in which innovative solutions have been implemented in so many places – all while balancing the need to protect health and deal with economic implications. In this context, not only have established relationships stood the test of time, but exciting new partnerships have emerged ...

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With best regards,
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Tobias Melz,
Institute Director

Areas of expertise - Innovative solutions for tomorrow's markets. Systematic from product design to verification.

In our central service areas, we develop innovative solutions for the markets of tomorrow, tailored to the needs of our customers, systematically from product design to verification.

Areas of Expertise


Innovative solutions for tomorrow's markets.


Reliability Design

Our research enables reliable products through reliable processes.


Digital Engineering

We develop the tools for your efficient, digital product development.


Smart Solutions

Novel materials and AI-based solutions for smart condition monitoring and noise control.


Circular Economy

We develop sustainable, recyclable and bio-based plastic solutions for a green future.


Ultra Lightweight Design

We are pushing the boundaries of what is possible and developing radically lightweight, property-optimized structural solutions.


Future Mobility

With our methods, we also support and shape the implementation of future innovative vehicle concepts.

Research divisions and collaboration


Research Division Structural Durability

To us, structural durability is the obligation to harness and shape the digitalization of engineering products.


Research Division Smart Structures

We develop methods and processes for smart and reliable lightweighting structures for our customers.


Research Division Plastics

We develop long-lasting and safe plastics with improved recyclability as well as new technologies for an efficient circular economy.


Networks and alliances

Take advantage of our extensive opportunities in a network of experts from business, science and applied R&D.


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