Reliable products through reliable processes

Reliable function has always been a basic requirement for products and represents a key scientific orientation of the Fraunhofer LBF. We develop new methods and tools for the reliable design of materials, components and systems. In doing so, our research and development activities aim to understand and describe all phases of product creation, use and utilization ever more comprehensively with their interactions, so that validation and assurance processes can be continuously moved forward into the early design process.


Achieving more with less in terms of complexity, stability and reliability.

Ever lighter material solutions and structures on the one hand and ever more complex products and systems on the other are shaping product development in many industrial sectors. At the same time, however, the requirements regarding the reliability of such systems are increasing. After all, malfunctions and failures in this context can quickly have critical economic, ecological or health effects.

The Reliability Design area of expertise represents a key scientific focus of Fraunhofer LBF. This is not just a matter of ensuring the service life of materials, components and products. Rather, the research and development activities in this area of expertise are aimed at understanding and describing all phases of product development, use and application along with their interactions, in an increasingly comprehensive manner, so that validation and assurance processes can be continuously moved forward into the early design process. In the spirit of “design to reliability”, digital engineering solutions are linked with new design and simulation methods. Based on realistic application data in relation to typical mechanical, climatic, electrical and combined multiphysical loads, tools and processes are being developed that take into account the reliable design of structures as early as the design stage. In this way, “safety margins”, which, in many cases, are still common today, can be reduced further and further in the future while maintaining or increasing the reliability of materials, components and products, thus enabling modern solutions that push the limits of what is feasible.

Selected projects


Chassis testing in new multi-axle testing environment

Sports car prototype in endurance test


Analysis of the interactions between additives and fillers using the example of flame-retardant cable sheaths


High-performance center GreenMat4H2

Customized »green« materials for »green« hydrogen


Plastics in hydrogen applications

Experimental techniques and design methods



Plastics under power

Plastics performing for the electrical economy - Fingerprinting the e-performance of polymers



Exploiting the lightweight design potential of high-strength wrought aluminum alloys

Evaluation of unconventional process technologies for 7xxx series wrought aluminum alloys


Smart Lab for Future Mobility Chassis Systems

Chassis testing on new multiaxial test environment


Concept for fatigue strength test under combined mechanical-hydraulic loads


Repair welding of cast iron with nodular graphite

Identification and optimization of welding parameters



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