Conference  /  June 29, 2017

TRANSFORMERS Final Conference

The TRANSFORMERS project is almost coming to an end and the consortium would like to share the innovations, the results it has achieved and a vision for the future at the TRANSFORMERS Final Conference, which will be held at 29 June 2017 at VOLVO premises in Gothenburg, Sweden.

The overall objective of the TRANSFORMERS project is to develop and demonstrate innovative and energy efficient trucks and load carriers.

This is meant for long distance transport assignments with an improved load efficiency leading to an overall 25% less energy consumption on a basis and a lower impact on the road infrastructure.

  • Develop and demonstrate Hybrid-on-Demand Driveline for Truck-trailer Combination
  • Develop innovative complete vehicle aerodynamic measures
  • Develop innovative loading efficiency measures

Today trucks and load carriers are designed and optimised towards a limited variance set of usage and for maximum payload. In the future there will be an increasing need for optimized load efficiency for each mission of a truck, and for optimizing the freight carried on a finite length of road.