Research Divisions and Core Competencies

We apply our core competencies of Structural Durability, System Reliability, Adaptronics and Polymers across all departments and achieve optimal results for our customers with innovative system solutions.


Research Division

Structural Durability

Fatigue strength evaluates the design, dimensioning and durability of components and systems against mechanical stresses.

Our goal: components and structures that are designed to withstand stress, are particularly resource-efficient, and function reliably during the planned period of use.


Research Division

Smart Structures

The Smart Structures unit develops modern, efficient and reliable systems with optimized structural dynamics as well as smart solutions for monitoring them.


Research Division


All relevant competencies for the realization of sophisticated plastics applications are united at a high level under one roof at the Fraunhofer LBF. Starting with the fundamental scientific disciplines such as chemistry and physics, through materials science and materials engineering in processing, to expertise in analytics, testing and modeling.


Research Division

System Reliability

The reliability of complex mechatronic and active systems is specifically researched at the Fraunhofer LBF. For this purpose, analytical and experimental methods as well as numerical simulation methods are used to evaluate sensitivity and robustness.