Düsseldorf  /  October 19, 2022  -  October 26, 2022

K 2022

Fraunhofer-Community booth - Science Campus: hall 7, booth SC01


Our topics: Lightweight construction, additives, recycling, digitalization, renewable raw materials in plastics applications, plastics in thermal management, troubleshooting, characterization of plastics, elastomer technology, and much more

Lightweight construction with natural fibre-reinforced plastics used for Li-ion battery housings


As part of a research project for the development of natural fiber-reinforced plastics for use in Li-ion battery housings, Ansmann AG and the Fraunhofer LBF have combined competencies and conducted joint research.

Compared to the original housing, the resulting housing impresses with a weight reduction of 30% and a simultaneous increase in rigidity of 15%, while at the same time addressing the central guiding principle of efficient and environmentally friendly use of resources and avoiding greenhouse gases.

Learn more and see for yourself. Visit us at the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft's joint booth.

Sustainable plastic components made from recycled plastic

So-called recyclates made from recycled plastic are being used in more and more products in our daily lives. Fraunhofer LBF shows how this can also be achieved for demanding heavy loaded highly stressed components. Using suitable methods of testing and analysis, they have derived the necessary parameters for reliable lifetime estimation. These methods could be used for the substitution of virgin material by a recyclate material on a complex component of white goods. This means that for every kilogram of recycled polypropylene used, approximately 1.5 kilograms of CO2 are saved.