Using renewable resources in plastic applications

Anything that is against nature will not last in the long run

Charles Darwin

Harnessing nature’s power for synthesis

Using renewable resources is an ideal way to reduce a product’s carbon footprint. The conversion of biomass to basic chemicals for manufacturing established plastics or plastics with novel properties is now common practice.

Our research in this topic focuses on material developments that preserve the molecules and structures “synthesized” by nature to the greatest possible extent.

Using nature for customized solutions along the entire process chain

Our goal is to support you in the selection of suitable, readily available, biobased raw materials. If required, we develop new, customized solutions for your needs, which we synthesize and process ourselves under laboratory conditions on a kilogram scale. In doing so, we focus primarily on new utilization options for biogenic materials that cannot achieve high added value in their current state. For example, we develop sustainable lightweight construction solutions, fire-resistant insulation materials and transparent coatings from lignin, cellulose, natural fibers and by-products of agriculture and forestry.

Do you already use polymers made from renewable raw materials? 

In most cases, the additives they contain are unfortunately petroleum-based. Materials that consist of 100 percent renewable raw materials are practically non-existent on the market. We offer solutions for this. Our competencies also include the development of bio-based polymer additives such as flame retardants and stabilizers. We create customized solutions and help you develop formulations to optimize flame retardant qualities, moisture resistance, mechanical properties, density or thermal conductivity through practical processing methods. Using test specimens, we can validate materials according to the requirements profile.

Even in the preliminary stages of development, we conduct industrial feasibility assessments to ensure the practicality of the solutions we develop. Whether for thermoplastics, elastomers, or thermosets, we design customized solutions and support you in formulation development through practical processing methods.

A head start through sustainability

Our interdisciplinary team of scientists and engineers can provide you with customized solutions that help you gain a competitive edge.

With bio-based materials, you have no longer to worry about prices and imports of petroleum-based raw materials.

Your biogenic material streams may not create much value in their current state, but with our help, they will increase their potential and become suitable for new, high-value applications.