Troubleshooting at Fraunhofer LBF – tracking down damage

Not everything that has a hole in it is broken

Guido Hiltner

Taskforce Troubleshooting

With our interdisciplinary bundled expertise from natural, material and engineering sciences, we identify solution strategies specifically for your product.

If plastic components are damaged during production or in operation, help is needed quickly. In the worst case scenario, damage can lead to production downtime or recourse claims. It is therefore essential that the causes of any damage are identified promptly and that solutions are found as quickly as possible. Fraunhofer LBF offers extensive support in this regard.

The interdisciplinary Troubleshooting Taskforce at Fraunhofer LBF pools expertise from various areas of the Institute in order to provide our customers with the best possible support in the event of damage.

We get to the bottom of things – quickly and reliably

We help you analyze damage and failure and develop solutions by drawing on our comprehensive understanding of materials, processing procedures, components and the resulting structure-property relationships.

Damage in plastic components can be caused by a great number of things:

  • process-related factors, e.g., instabilities in the processing parameters or excessive tolerances
  • material-related causes, e.g., a change in material properties, physical or chemical aging effects
  • critical operating loads caused by media influences, temperature influences or continuous mechanical effects
  • design peculiarities, unpredictable operating loads
  • a combination of various influences along the value chain.

Thanks to the interdisciplinary pool of expertise in natural sciences, materials science and engineering at Fraunhofer LBF, we are able to identify solution strategies that are specific to your product. We actively complement our consulting services with flexible experimental capabilities – from chemical material analysis to thermophysical and rheological characterization all the way through to mechanical static, crash and creep behavior as well as weather-induced aging tests on specimens and components. In doing so, we take into account the morphological properties from processing as well as the actual stresses that occur in the component due to multiaxiality, temperatures, moisture and media. We offer bespoke analytical, physical and mechanical measurement and testing methods for (fiber-reinforced) thermoplastics, elastomers, foams and composites. 

Competent, swift support in the event of damage

We are the people to call on in the event of damage. We will assist you at short notice to make your products even more reliable. When assessing damaged parts along the value chain together with a wide range of partners and suppliers, we see ourselves as a neutral authority with a holistic outlook. Put your trust in our experience and a long list of satisfied customers.

Following the initial contact by telephone or email, you will receive a quote from us for a thorough analysis of your damage or component. Based on the analysis results, we derive an action plan for further detailed investigations tailored to your needs. We are able to carry out an on-site inspection at short notice and, after successfully identifying the cause, we can advise you on how to avoid such damage in the future or how to detect it at an early stage.