Structural Durability

Division Structural Durability

As one of the most powerful methods in lfetimeoriented design of components and structures forms the basis of our instituts research activities since it’s founding. The mobility industry, mechanical and plant engineering and renewable energies benefit from equally light and  reliable products designed for the entire operating and utilization phase.

In terms of structural durability, we have reached a historic milestone with the 8-step block program from Ernst Gaßner. Today, we combine state-of-the-art numerical, metrological and experimental methods of structural durability with a solution quality that meets our standards.

Methods and procedures for the fatigue life oriented assessment of structures and proof of safety and structural integrity are our core competencies. They can be found in successful products, in material and component innovations as well as in novel processes, such as in additive manufacturing.

As part of digitalization, these core competencies within powerful instruments are supplemented by cyber-physical simulation and a description of cyclical material characteristics extending continuously from the LCF through the VHCF regime.

With a strong focus on applicability, our research and work is dedicated to the fatigue life oriented design of safe components, assemblies and systems in road and railway vehicle construction as well as in shipping and aviation, but also in crane manufacturing and for wind turbines. Our two divisions are specialized in everything from the material to the complete structure and will support you expertly.

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