Research Projects

Joint industrial research projects

We develop our projects in close collaboration with our participating partners from business and industry. We aim to establish and expand the base of scientific knowledge on issues with high relevance for industrial. In so doing, we seek to close the gap between basic and industrial research and development in our selected subject areas. We want to use this knowledge to give our participating partners a competitive edge  in targeting and optimizing their own R&D efforts. Joint industrial research projects are funded 100 percent by the participating partners themselves. We take over the project management and execution, organize project meetings and compile reports.

Features of a joint industrial research project:

  • Project expenses are shared, meaning that projects are developed cost-effectively.
  • Partners have the opportunity to make new contacts and strengthen existing relationships.
  • You also have the opportunity to participate in interdisciplinary discussions on the project topic as part of a cross-sector association. Last but not least, it is an opportunity for your employees to gain further training.

All meetings and discussions regarding the project, all information exchanged regarding participating partners and finally, all results gathered as part of the project are confidential and subject to non-disclosure requirements.

Planned projects


Design for Reliability - Plastic recyclates in technical components


Understanding coupling agents

Analytical and mechanical methods for an optimized use of graft copolymers (HAWC)


Material and long-term properties in recyclates

Analytics and perspectives for material flow-adapted melt processing


Plastic compounds

Abrasiveness in the processing of highly filled compounds


Stabilization of polymer-based coatings against UV-C radiation



Elastomer seals for use in H2 transport


High-voltage tracking resistance

High-voltage tracking resistance in flame-retardant engineering thermoplastics

Completed projects
We will soon provide information on completed projects here.

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The Division Plastics at the Fraunhofer Institute for Structural Durability and System Reliability LBF can draw on almost 60 years of experience in plastics research. Processes all along the value chain are taken into consideration for R&D activities, from chemical synthesis, characterization, formulation, preparation, processing and testing right through to plastics recycling.