Elastomers: From the Material to the Part

Parts with elastomer components such as elastomer bearings, dampeners, gaskets, conveyor belts or tires are subjected to mechanical stresses and changing environmental factors during use. Mechanical loads, temperature, radiation, humidity and chemical substances in combination together change the material. Additionally to dielectrical elastomers for actuators, sensors or generators, electrical and electromechanical stresses occur.

At Fraunhofer LBF we have the opportunity to combine oscillation- and structural durability examinations with material- and part characterization for product development and life service predictions of elastomer parts. The determined material data, component properties and oscillation durability allow the creation of models and numerical analysis and assessment of elastomer parts based upon these models. Besides the modelling of elastomer parts, there are opportunities at Fraunhofer LBF for a holistic simulation and designing of systems with elastomer components as well as the design of the according manufacturing processes. The classical operational load examination test of elastomer parts belongs just as well to the range of services at Fraunhofer LBF.