Overview projects

Reliability Design


Chassis testing in new multi-axle testing environment

Sports car prototype in endurance test


Analysis of the interactions between additives and fillers using the example of flame-retardant cable sheaths


High-performance center GreenMat4H2

Customized »green« materials for »green« hydrogen


Plastics in hydrogen applications

Experimental techniques and design methods



Plastics under power

Plastics performing for the electrical economy - Fingerprinting the e-performance of polymers



Exploiting the lightweight design potential of high-strength wrought aluminum alloys

Evaluation of unconventional process technologies for 7xxx series wrought aluminum alloys


Smart Lab for Future Mobility Chassis Systems

Chassis testing on new multiaxial test environment


Concept for fatigue strength test under combined mechanical-hydraulic loads


Repair welding of cast iron with nodular graphite

Identification and optimization of welding parameters


»H2-D« Life cycle of hydrogen-relevant systems

Reduction of cyclic stressability due to the influence of hydrogen 


ProElasto: Improved service life of elastomers

Prediction based on chemical structure and mechanical properties


AltElast: Service life of aged elastomer components

Methodology for experimental service life investigation of thermo-oxidatively aged elastomer components


HEATCOP: Development of thermally conductive polymer blends

Thermally conductive polyamide 6 blends with high flowability

Lightweight Design


Optimizing dynamically loaded lightweight structures

Method for the holistic and efficient optimization of products


Vibro-acoustic metamaterials for reducing noise and vibration

Lightweight potential for vehicles and machines


Hybrid lightweight wheels

Secure adhesive joints in highly stressed hybrid structural components



Strong CO2 -reduced components made from fiber-reinforced biopolymers

Development of sustainable, durable components for demanding operating conditions


ECO2-LInE: Manufacturing processes and materials for sustainable lightweight components


New lightweight potentials through vibro-acoustic metamaterials

viaMeta: Lightweight potential for vehicles


Vibroacoustic metamaterials for vibration mitigation on rocket components

Silent running: vibration reduction in space travel


Circular Economy


Circular reusable transport solution with integrated air padding

Sustainable transportation using an adaptable mono-material concept for B2B and B2C



Development of modern analytics for post-consumer waste

Innovative recyclates promote high-quality circular economy


Plastic additives make a significant contribution to improving the quality of recycled materials


PET secondary materials from different post-consumer sources

Influence of recyclate grades and formulation on material properties


Waste4Future: Advancing plastics recycling to the next level

Technologies for the complete recycling of plastic waste


Recyclates for sustainable structural components in household appliances

Use of recycled plastic in technically highly stressed components


Efficiently preventing fires

Flame protection for polyamides: Tailor-made and environmentally friendly


Plastics Economy

Biostabilizers as part of the sustainability turnaround

Future Mobility


Sustainable battery systems for the energy transition

Development of a sustainable energy storage system for mobile and subsequent stationary use


Reliability evaluation of hydrogen fuel cells in electromobility

Unique experimental validation environments for hydrogen fuel cell systems


eVTOL autonomous freight transport drone

Battery development, aerodynamic design and construction of the eVTOL glider


Minimize friction losses

Novel star polymers as lubricant additives reduce friction


Condition identification of trailers of automated trucks

Identification of dynamics- and safety-relevant states by means of digital twins


HyPowerRange: Hybrid energy storage for more power and range


HABICHT: Thermal management in fuel cell air compressors

Integrated winding head cooling based on duromers

Digital Engineering


Agile Dynamic Systems

The rapid adaptation of mechanical systems to changing requirements



Multicriteria optimization of cast components

Optimization of castability, lightweight design, operational stability and testability


Disoriented in 3D printing? Directional material properties

Addisim project looks at the design of 3D printed plastic components


AI failure analysis of technical elastomers

Developing an automated detection process for elastomer failure


Optimized design of hybrid commercial vehicles (ORCA)

Development of efficient and low-emission buses and trucks with hybrid drives


SET Level

Virtual test methodology for safer automated driving

Smart Solutions


Market-ready force sensors - Altosens GmbH

On the way from sensor technology to sensors available on the market.


Intelligent tanks for hydrogen vehicles

Sensor-based condition monitoring of automotive hydrogen pressure vessels made of FKV


Structural monitoring on offshore wind turbines

Method synthesis of radar and reference sensor technology for damage detection


Noise barriers with vibroacoustic metamaterials

The application-oriented integration of VAMM is possible in diverse areas


I2Panema: IoT and active noise control

Active Noise Control reduces noise in container terminals


Intelligent bolted joint

Constructive optimization and reliable design of an intelligent bolted joint


RuLe: Resilience of urban habitats

Prevention of heavy rain events


ProKInect: Condition monitoring across manufacturers

Durable and reliable through collaborative artificial intelligence