Reducing CO2 by using new manufacturing processes and materials for sustainable lightweight components of land vehicles

Project »ECO2-LInE«

New manufacturing processes and materials

Lightweight design is a design philosophy that is applied in the publicly funded “ECO2-LInE” project with the rethinking of the design of special seats and benches, train car connections and pickup attachments. Using the novel additive manufacturing process SEAM, lightweight natural fiber-reinforced plastic components are being developed to replace metal structures. But how can the entire life cycle of these components become more sustainable, from material selection, manufacturing and use through to their recycling? Fraunhofer researchers from Darmstadt (LBF) and Chemnitz (IWU) are investigating this question together with their partners in the research project. 

Wagon transition

In the research project, 10 partners will use the high-speed additive manufacturing process known as SEAM (screw extrusion additive manufacturing) to develop large components made of sustainable natural fiber-reinforced plastics for various cross-industry applications. In order to make the best possible use of the lightweight potential, the design takes into account the process-dependent material and component properties.

Once the project has been successfully completed, the users involved will be able to market the sustainably manufactured natural fiber-reenforced components, expand their production and therefore secure jobs in Germany. The new construction methods offer your customers numerous advantages in terms of weight reduction, energy savings, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and durability. 

Project consortium » ECO2-LInE«