Experimental simulation

Variable test setups:

  • Servohydraulic actuators for test loads from 5 to 2500 kN and torsional torques of up to 64 kNm (> 200 hydraulic actuators, 330 load sensors, strain sensors)
  • Various electrodynamic vibration exciters (shakers) for load ranges from 20 N to 27 kN (RKV) and a frequency range of up to 15 kHz
  • Internal pressure test equipment for up to 750 bar
  • Development of innovative drive systems for special mechanical test setups
  • Test equipment for active systems in the power train (VaSA)
  • Integration of internal-combustion engines in complex test setups
  • Test rig and grips design and specimen production to customers' specifications

Stationary test setups:

  • 8 biaxial wheel/hub test facilities for passenger cars, commercial and special vehicles and motorbikes, including braking and drive simulation
  • Fully kinematic wheel road simulator W / ALT (Wheel Accelerated Life Testing)
  • 25-channel full-vehicle test rig for passenger cars, transportation vehicles, electric and hybrid vehicles
  • 12-channel axle test rig for structural durability testing of complex systems of passenger car and commercial vehicle axles
  • 8-channel test rig for flexible use (commercial, military and rail vehicles)
  • Test setup for 2 or 3-channel testingof fifth wheel couplings
  • Test rig for adaptive structures in automobiles (ASF)
  • Gearbox test rig for components in the power train (drive shafts, joints, clutches and complete gearboxes), with nominal torques of up to 2000 Nm and speeds up to 7500 rpm
  • Bearing test rig for testing the bearings of passenger car wheels in their original assembly under realistic conditions
  • Three-axial test stand for testing of trailer couplings for passenger cars
  • Rail wheel set test stand
  • Servohydraulic column test facilities from 5 to 2500 kN
  • Resonance testing machines for test loads from 20 to 600 kN
  • Low-load test stands from 1 N
  • 3 tension-torsion test rigs
  • 2 elastomer test rigs (1 and 3-channel)
  • Drop weight test system for an energy input of up to 11 000 J
  • Impact test facilities from 2 to 800 J, e. g. for lightweight structures
  • Static tensile and compression tests with up to 200 kN, e. g. compression-after-impact (CAI)
  • Test rig for performance simulation of engine mounts
  • Test system for characterization of piezo actuators

Metrology equipment:

  • Measured data acquisition for physical quantities, telemetry equipment for acquisition on rotating systems, high-frequency analysis
  • Measured data acquisition for long-term tests on customers' vehicles with the possibility of queries via modem
  • Thermal imaging camera, e. g. for thermal stress analysis (TSA) or lock-in thermography
  • Image correlation system (optical strain and deformation measurement)
  • Development of sensor systems tailored to customers' measuring tasks
  • Rail measuring wheel for multiaxial load acquisition LBF®.R-Wheelos
  • Rolling test stand for vehicle wheels
  • Rapid control prototyping systems as development environment for algorithms in control engineering and signal conditioning
  • 4 Measuring wheels for passenger cars/delivery vans RoaDyn® S650 by Kistler, adaptable to different rim sizes and static wheel loads
  • 4 Measuring wheels for commercial vehicles by KistlerIGel RoaDyn® S6HT with vertical and longitudinal forces of up to 200 kN, lateral force up to 100 kN, and corresponding braking, acceleration, vertical and longitudinal torques adaptable to various vehicles and configurations.
  • System for locating damage in large structures (acoustic emission)
  • Dye penetration testing
  • Fiber optic strain measurement with splicer and several interrogators
  • Hand-held ultrasound device with different frequency ranges for metals and plastics
  • Non-contact measurement of strain distribution with 3D camera system up to 400 Hz
  • Optical strain control of Wöhler tests with plastics
  • Computed tomography and X-ray laminography, e. g. for large composite fiber structures

Structural vibrations and acoustics:

  • Semi-anechoic measuring chamber
  • Sound level meters, measuring microphones, 2 microphone arrays
  • More than 50, mostly triaxial accelerometers
  • Pulse hammers, electrodynamic shakers
  • Scanning vibrometer (one to three-dimensional non-contact vibration velocity measurement)
  • 40-channel and 64-channel system for acquisition and analysis of vibroacoustic parameters
  • Experimental modal analysis (LMS CADA-X and LMS Test.Lab)
  • Sound source location with stationary or transient acoustic holography, also with curved microphone arrays
  • Vibration mode analysis in operation
  • Output-only modal analysis
  • Motion and deformation analysis including visualization with high-speed cameras

Special test rigs:

  • for combined electrical and mechanical testing of sensors (e. g. DMS, FOBG) and structure-integrated components (e. g. interaction between fiber composites and sensors)
  • Load equipment for qualification of multifunctional materials
  • High-dynamics test systems for applications up to 1000 Hz (e. g. for testing microsystems, characterization of elastomers etc.)
  • Electrical and mechanical reliability tests of batteries and electronic components

Prototype manufacturing:

  • Plastics laser-sintering system EOSINTP3
  • Wire erosion machine
  • Start-hole drilling machine
  • Water jet cutting system
  • 3D printer
  • Datron milling machine M8
  • Etching system
  • Reflow oven

Environmental simulation under cyclic load:

  • Climatic chambers for drying and conditioning of specimens and components as well as for simulation of environmental conditions for temperature ranges from -70 °C to +350 °C
  • High-temperature test facilities for up to 1100 °C
  • Equipment for simulation of the influences of media such as salt, brake fluid or fuels with temperature control up to 100 °C, hydrogen