Science is magic that works

Kurt Vonnegut

The missing vital ingredient

Developing polymers with customized properties requires additives. Additives enrich plastics with heat, UV and process stabilizers, which protect them against external influences, such as high temperature stresses and weather effects, etc. By using suitable additives, such as impact modifiers, mechanical properties in non-reinforced and reinforced plastics can also be optimally adapted to suit requirements. Compatibilizers ensure improved morphology in plastic mixtures, nucleating agents, or anti-nucleating agents in terms of optical, mechanical and process-related properties.

In the case of conventional technical polymers, electrical or thermal conductivity properties can only be achieved using suitable additives and functional fillers.

Additives are literal lifesavers: As flame retardants, they extend escape times in the event of fire, for example, in electrical equipment or thermal insulation.

We will assist you not only in the preparation and customization of your plastics but also in the development of completely new additives.

The experts in additives – from synthesis to application

  • We offer qualitative and quantitative analysis of polymers, (functional) fillers and additives.
  • We develop new additives specially for your applications and convert them from the gram to kilogram scale in our specially equipped laboratories.
  • In our own synthesis development process, we adopt ecologically and economically sustainable approaches to the production of new additives, from the raw materials to the finished product.
  • Thanks to our extensive market knowledge, we develop individual formulations and materials for you based on commercially available additives and those we develop ourselves.
  • We study the interactions of additives in plastics and between additives and/or fillers and use our findings to create specific additive systems that complement each other perfectly in terms of their synergy and therefore enable cost-efficient loading.
  • We test and assess additives and formulations using chemical and physical methods from our portfolio that have been adapted to the problem in question.
  • In our fire test laboratory, we test the effectiveness of our additives and the materials to which they have been added, using test procedures specific to the material and application, such as UL-94, cone calorimetry, LOI, GWIT and CTI.

You can rely on us for your plastic additives and formulations

Our institute is a one-stop shop for systemic expertise in additives and formulations, which we compile and adapt to your individual requirements. Depending on the request, we draw on our core competencies in the areas of analysis, characterization, synthesis, formulation and processing to devise the ideal solution to your problem.