Realistic simulation

In addition to our experimental test services, Fraunhofer LBF offers a comprehensive range of simulation solutions. We analyze systems numerically, optimize them or develop new, passive or active complete systems and subsystems.

System analysis and evaluation:

In assessing your components, we take static, dynamic, cyclic and multi-physical aspects into account:

  • Numerical evaluation of components, taking account of the manufacturing technique (primary forming and forming, joining, notches and intrinsic stresses)
  • Computational fatigue life assessment and service load simulation based on measured loads
  • Simulation of inhomogeneous material systems such as composite materials
  • Taking account of non-linear material behavior
  • Analysis of electromechanical, thermomechanical and vibroacoustic systems

Development processes:

We dimension your components in accordance with your needs:

  • Topology and shape optimization with a view to functionality, structural durability, lightweight construction and manufacturing restrictions
  • Derivation of load data, e. g. based on multi-body simulation, also by making use of cross-domain simulation
  • Development of mechatronic and adaptronic systems. We develop models for realistic description of material, component and system behavior:
  • Modelling of components (actuators and sensors) on the basis of functional materials with electromechanical coupling (piezoelectric converters, electroactive elastomers, magnetorheological fluids, shape memory alloys)
  • Development of non-linear materials and structure models (e. g. elastomer models, composite materials)
  • Multi-disciplinary simulation - coupling of simulation codes
  • Translation of models into real-time applications