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Recycling is for more than just making park benches

We are part of the Fraunhofer Cluster Circular Plastics Economy CCPE

While there is growing demand for plastics recycling, there is far less enthusiasm when it comes to using the secondary raw material. The reasons for this are manifold and range from inadequate logistics to technical, economic, social and legal obstacles. The main arguments against reusing plastic waste are variations in quality, questions of reliable and predictable availability and the fact that there is often no cost advantage over virgin material. We will support you in implementing sustainable, holistic solutions in your company.

Customized solutions addressing everything from your material streams to material or product development

  • We analyze (identify/assess) material flows and perform chemical analyses (e.g. to determine the proportion of recycled material and the composition of materials  for the purpose of polymer and additive analysis).
  • We develop individual formulations and materials based on your recycled material streams, and we develop high-quality products (upcycling). In addition, we develop appropriate solutions for mechanical and chemical recycling and upcycling.
  • We ensure that the appropriate processes are in place for the manufacture of your products. (These range from the selection and modification of existing processes to the development of new production processes.)
  • We develop new additive generations/systems specifically for the requirements of waste plastic streams.
  • We inspect and assess your materials, products and components using customized and standardized methods (both chemical and physical) from our portfolio.
  • We can facilitate an eco-(re)design of your developments/products (“design for recyclability”), e.g. flame retardant recycling and plastics upcycling.
  • We work with external partners to assume intermediary functions along the process chain (e.g. LCA).

High-quality products made of recycled materials

With our help, you will be able to combine resource and energy efficiency with the development of high-quality products, thus enabling you to create ecological and economic benefits for your company (e.g. material, energy and cost savings and compliance with legal requirements).

This requires us to think and work in a holistic manner along the entire value chain and to develop solutions based on recycled materials as well as recyclable solutions for closed-loop applications.

Fraunhofer Cluster of Excellence Circular Plastics Economy CCPE

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