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Fraunhofer LBF investigates recycling of halogen-free flame retardant plastics

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Zero plastics to landfill increases the need to mechanical recycling of plastics. This also applies to flame retardant plastics which are increasingly formulated with halogen-free flame retardants. The use of flame retardants can prevent the fire spreading or slow its development. According to EU regulations, plastic waste recycling is to increase in quality, and recycling rates should continue to rise: the EU target for 2020 is 70 percent. So it is all the more important for economically viable recycling to conduct the necessary basic studies in good time. The Fraunhofer Institute for Structural Durability and System Reliability LBF has therefore launched a new research project on the recycling of halogen-free flame retardant plastics. For the first time, the project will provide answers to the recyclability of halogen-free flame retardant plastics. Small and medium-sized companies in particular should be able to reduce costs in this highly market-relevant area and produce enhanced quality products with high safety standards.

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