Networks and alliances

With our involvement in alliances and market-oriented networks within and outside the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, we expand your and our possibilities in technical and economic terms. The LBF is firmly anchored in the Fraunhofer Group for Materials, Components - MATERIALS, which bundles the competencies of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft's material science-oriented institutes. In addition, the close, interdisciplinary cooperation with our specialized sister institutes in lead market-oriented alliances creates excellent conditions for the development of system services and strengthens our innovative power for the design of your product developments. Since 2019, we have also been involved in the defense and security research alliance. At the same time, we can shape new developments competitively and efficiently with industry partners in the business-oriented networks across the process chain

Take advantage of our extensive opportunities in a network of experts from business, science and applied R&D.

At a glance: Our networks.


Forschungsvereinigung Stahlanwendung e. V.

As a joint organization, the Forschungsvereinigung Stahlanwendung e. V. represents the interests of the steel industry in the field of applications research.  The Fraunhofer LBF is a supporting member.


Inno Space

Space technologies are regarded as an important innovation driver for opening up new markets. InnoSpace networks the players. Among other things, the Fraunhofer LBF participates in the INNOspace Masters, the innovation competition of the German Space Agency at DLR.


Hessen Aviation

With its activities, Hessen Aviation supports Hessian companies in areas such as networking and knowledge transfer, marketing and public relations work, and project initiation. The Fraunhofer LBF is a member of the Hessen Aciation cluster.


Materials valley

The aim of the association is to raise the profile of the Rhine-Main region as a high-tech location for materials research and materials technology. The Fraunhofer LBF organizes events, among other things, and the institute director, Prof. Melz is chairman of the board.


H2BZ Initiative Hessen e. V.

The Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Initiative provides impetus for the entry into the hydrogen economy. The Fraunhofer LBF supports companies in the development of reliable, lightweight and efficient products that are charged with hydrogen. 



EARPA is the platform of automotive researchers and actively contributes to the European Research Area and to the future RTD funding programs of the EU. Fraunhofer LBF is involved in several projects, is a member of the Executive Board.



The DVM promotes knowledge transfer in the fields of structural integrity, materials research, and materials and component testing. Fraunhofer LBF researchers are involved as board members, chairmen of working groups and in program committees.


Forum ElektroMobilität e. V.

The Electromobility Forum deals with central topics and questions on technical aspects and applications on an interdisciplinary basis. The Fraunhofer LBF offers many years of automotive expertise and organizes events.


Kompetenznetz Adaptronik

The technology network bundles German competencies in the field of adaptronics and is the central contact point. The Fraunhofer LBF is a co-founder, manages the office and provides the chairman of the board.


Mittelstand 4.0

In the SME 4.0 Competence Center, partners from science and practice support digitization in SMEs and the skilled trades. The Fraunhofer LBF implements projects, offers seminars and conducts expert discussions on the topics of AI and digitalization in production.



In the technology and start-up center, founders can further develop their ideas, network and exchange experiences. The project initiators are the city of Darmstadt and the Darmstadt Rhine-Main-Neckar Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK). The Fraunhofer LBF is a cooperation partner.


Future Car

Vehicle Technologies and Trends within the Transformation of Future Mobility

At a glance: Our Alliances.


Fraunhofer Verkehr

In the Fraunhofer Transportation Alliance, various Fraunhofer institutes pool their transportation-related expertise with the aim of developing suitable technical and conceptual solutions for public and industrial clients and transferring them to application.


Fraunhofer CCPE

The partners in the Circular Plastics Economy CCPE cluster want to make the plastics value chain circular. The goals are to use fewer fossil resources, make products intelligent and use them for a long time, and reduce end-of-life losses.


Fraunhofer Big Data AI

Fraunhofer Big Data AI supports companies in the implementation of Big Data and AI strategies, develops software and data protection-compliant systems, and trains specialists and managers to become "Data Scientists".


Fraunhofer Batterien

The Fraunhofer Battery Alliance addresses both primary and secondary, i.e. rechargeable, systems, from small-scale applications such as button cells to large stationary systems such as redox flow batteries.


Fraunhofer VVS

Fraunhofer VVS stands for research and development in the fields of defense and civil security. Through their diverse competencies and research services, they deliver application-oriented solutions and operational support - both on a national and international level.


Fraunhofer Lightweight construction

The expertise of 15 Fraunhofer institutes is pooled in the lightweight construction research field. Solutions are developed for customers from a single source, taking ecological and economic aspects into account.


Fraunhofer Simulation

The goal of the Fraunhofer Simulation Alliance is to address cross-institutional tasks and to represent the interests of the institutes in the alliance as a contact partner for public and industrial clients. 


Fraunhofer AutoMOBILE

The Fraunhofer Automotive Alliance is a partner of automotive manufacturers and their suppliers, equipment suppliers and service providers. It supports the Fraunhofer AutoMOBIL Production Alliance in research and development to optimize production processes.


Fraunhofer Materials

Fraunhofer Allianz Materials applies its know-how and expertise on behalf of customers primarily in the business areas of energy & environment, mobility, health, mechanical and plant engineering, construction & housing, microsystems technology and security.


Fraunhofer Adaptronics

The Fraunhofer Adaptronics Business Unit pools the expertise of seven Fraunhofer institutes. Through their cooperation, the institutes aim to offer users a central point of contact for their system development.


Fraunhofer Academy

The Fraunhofer Academy is the further education institution of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft. Through continuing education, they create the conditions for a new culture of innovation in companies for an economically successful future.