Hybrid energy storage for more power and range

Project HyPowerRange

Faster, further, higher

The “HyPowerRange” project funded by the BMWi aims to optimize the performance, capacity, cooling power requirements and costs of energy storage systems for battery electric vehicles. To this end, high-performance and high-energy cells are directly coupled on the DC side in a hybrid energy storage system. This cost-effective approach reduces, for example, the temperature-dependent aging of the storage unit, especially at high current loads, and at the same time reduces its cooling requirements.

HyPowerRange energy storage system in the test vehicle

The development of such an optimized energy storage system requires the most accurate possible knowledge of the power and load data occurring during driving operation. An operational development and testing environment was therefore established at the Fraunhofer LBF for multiphysical testing of the energy storage system. With regard to the installation situation in the subsequent vehicle test carrier, the energy storage system was prepared for integration into the laboratory test environment by means of adapted connection stiffnesses.

The properties of the longitudinal frame support on the body side, developed by the project partner Abt E-line, were also taken into account. In addition to vibration excitation from driving operation and outside temperatures up to +35 ºC, the energy storage system was validated with a transient current profile and analyzed in terms of its performance and temperature behavior.

Funding and partners

BMWi, Förderkennzeichen 03ET6114F

Verbundpartner: Fraunhofer Institut IEE, ABT Sportsline GmbH, Bertrandt Ingenieurbüro GmbH, BMZ Germany GmbH, Fraunhofer Institut LBF, Hochschule für angewandte Wissenschaften Kempten und Konvekta AG