SUMSENS – Structure-borne sound multi-hop sensor network

Temperature monitoring on satellites

© ESA–P. Carril, 2014

The project SUMSENS aims to enable in-situ monitoring of mechanical integrity and temperature distribution of a spacecraft structure. Critical components are monitored via a multi-hop sensor network using network nodes communicating with each other based on mechanical waves. The waves are transmitted into the spacecraft structure by each network participant and received by neighboring network participants for further processing or retransmition. The network uses the mechanical structure as a communication channel allowing the sensor network to be fully integrated into the structure in a weight-saving manner. Due to the increasing amount of integrated components and systems leading to increasing complexity assistance systems for assembly, process documentation and functional testing are especially helpful in aerospace. To this end, an augmented reality-based assistance system is being developed in SUMSENS to support integration tasks and functional testing of the multi-hop sensor network.

The overall goal of the SUMSENS project is to demonstrate the functionality of both a structure-borne sound communication system for temperature sensor data and an integration and operational assistance system using augmented reality visualization. The demonstration will be performed using a fully functional prototype that will be integrated into a satellite structure during the project.

Duration of the project:


01.03.2019 – 28.02.2021

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