Combined Methods

In macro molecular systems, physical values are linked with each other and are dependent on the structure and the molecular mobility. For example, the the morphology of polymer mixtures is influenced by the previous rheological history. An analogy is also found for the dispersion and the spatial arrangement of filler particles in a polymer matrix. Applying shear or elongational strain can induce crystallization.

In chemical reactions, besides the chemical conversion, the change of physical properties is of great interest. In order to understand and monitor these processes, different combined test methods were developed and are available for material development. Together with our project partners, new test methods are developed or established test methods are combined in a new way to be able to work efficiently on challenging issues.

Rheo microscopy

Influence of shearing on:

  • Blend morphology
  • Filler dispersion
  • Nucleation and crystallization

Rheo-electrical measurements

Influence of shear rate and shearing on:

  • Filler networks
  • Filler orientation

Rheology and Ultrasound spectroscopy

  • Examination of crystallization induced by shearing

NIR and Ultrasound spectroscopy

  • Simultaneous measurement of chemical conversion and mechanical moduli

Electric conductivity and Ultrasound spectroscopy

  • Film formation of electrically conductive coatings
  • Swelling and drying of coatings