Online-Workshop  /  19. Oktober 2023, 14.00 - 16.00 Uhr

Fraunhofer CCPE compact: Materials for the circular economy in efficient lightweight construction

Companies in the circular plastics economy always want to be up to date. To provide them with news and information on the topic of circular economy, CCPE has launched the event series "Fraunhofer CCPE compact". In individual workshops, CCPE researchers report on their latest developments and provide exciting insights into application-oriented plastics research. In the panel discussion that follows, experts come together to share their views and opinions on these topics.

The next Fraunhofer CCPE compact event on October 19, 2023 will focus on the topic: "Materials for the circular economy in efficient lightweight construction".

How can lightweight construction become more of a circular economy? What role do composites play in this? And what developments in this field is Fraunhofer CCPE researching? The online event "Fraunhofer CCPE compact - Materials for the circular economy in efficient lightweight construction" will provide information on the current state of research into the recycling of lightweight materials.

What can you expect?

  • insight into the current problems in the recycling of lightweight materials
  • latest developments in the field of mono-materials for lightweight applications
  • approaches to systematic and holistic product development for a circular economy

Fraunhofer Cluster Circular Plastics Economy CCPE - these are six Fraunhofer institutes that form a virtual institute:
Fraunhofer UMSICHT, IAP, ICT, IML, LBF and IVV use their different competences to jointly shape the value chain of plastics in a circular way.